Monday, 1 April 2013

Mandala Painted Tents

Easter weekend and it was time to check our festival cafe tents.

We decided to paint something I have doodled and hennaed lots of times... beautiful mandalas.

We started by painting white ornate frames around our blackboard menu wall and then added more frames to lots of new blackboards.

Outside, the mandalas and Kindred Cafe sign were primed in white, with the plan to add bright thickened car spray paints for the colour details. We then left these overnight to dry.

The following morning, the vintage effect of the Kindred Cafe sign really stood out and was enough for me to completely scrap the bright colourful plan. Just tidying and edging and fixing a huge drippy mess and we began again on the second tent.

The final tent now has a painted fireplace and candlesticks. There'll be carpet and low tables and floor cushions in here, the creative play tent, and new blackboard painted tables for children to chalk on.

We now have, new to us, recycled bistro tables from last year's Olympic Games too.

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