Thursday, 25 November 2010


I love painting portraits and this time I remembered to photograph the process. 


Monday, 8 November 2010

Saturday Workshop

Wow, the first Saturday afternoon art workshop was definitely brimming with busy creative energy.  So many projects began and will continue to develop over the next few weeks.  Loved sharing ideas and came home with my mind buzzing with more projects.

like my zengram doodles

The art workshops were full before the posters went out! So in January Burton Latimer will have a Saturday morning art workshop too.  Registration is now open and new posters going out.

This term we are learning about Andy Goldsworthy
and Alberto Giacommeti  and creating our own versions of their work.

                                                                       by C - Week 1

We started the skeletons for our own Alberto Giacometti sculptures using recycled card, wire and foil.

Our first exhibition is on 4th December. A chance to open our doors and share the artwork with the local community (and on the same day as the Farmer's Market - double bonus).   We will be fundraising by selling teas, coffee, cakes and goodies. 

In the afternoon our session will run as normal with a private viewing for children and their families and friends to share and try out their drawing skills.

We hope to purchase some easels and our budding artists and photographers would really like a camera and laptop too. Aim high :)

Thursday, 28 October 2010


I try hard to be as eco friendly as possible.  Mind you, the new shower means it is proving difficult for the boys to keep to their 3 minute limit, but it has an eco switch :)  

Tara Wagner at launched her brilliant new website this week.  She is definitely a pioneer and inspiration and is a passionate econessgoddess (is that a word?), ecogoddess.

New Workshop on Saturday 6 Nov 1-3pm in Burton Latimer

New course of children's Eco Arts workshops starting on Saturday 6th November at The Scout Hut, Burton Latimer.   Sessions costs are £6.00 a week 1-3pm and run for six weeks this term.  The price includes session art materials and resources. Please bring an old shirt or apron, a drink and snack and most importantly a smile.

If you are interested in having a fun, creative Saturday afternoons, learning art techniques and exhibiting your artwork please contact me on Or if you have any questions please ask, all ages welcome.  Under 5's will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

iFLOW Craft Fayre at Naseby Village Hall, Northants

Barefoot Book storytelling (NYC)

I wanted to share something very exciting.  iFLOW Craft Fayre is this Saturday 16th October 10.00 - 4.00. Who the fluff are iFLOW?  They are Northamptonshire's group of homeschooling/unschooling families and are raising funds for sports tutors and resources.

I am going to be involved too, which is why I am so excited.  I know, yes, why is a primary school teacher interested in unschooling?  Things are a changing, and I love that children (and parents) are able to learn through their own interests and real-life experiences outside of the classroom.  I see parallels with the age group that I teach (early years/reception) and that the child's interests come first.  I love the idea that you do not need to be confined to learning between 9.00 and 3.00 with an hours homework, but learning is taking place through participating in a natural, well paced way.

Please click the links below to see what unschooling is about through these great blogs

Polly at PixieMama also has dreads, is an artist and unschools her three children in the UK
Tara at TheOrganicSister living on the road in the US, unschooling and unjobbing and interviewed by Polly this week.
Heather at SwissArmy Wife artist and gluten-free cupcake creator in the US
Sara at walkslowlylivewildly also sells Barefoot Books but in the States and loves hooping
Christine at welcometomybrain owns Hill Shade RV park in Texas and homeschools her five children and plays a wicked game of WordswithFriends!

I can't wait to meet up with everyone this weekend and share some stories and help raise some funds for this great group. 

I would love to see you there. x

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


These dreadlocks are like creative antennae.  I have finally started painting again and lots of other new ideas are now coming to light.

I loved painting this portrait of my neice.  She was the inspiration in me fundraising and starting Dreads for Downs Syndrome.  Thank you to all those kind people who sponsored me and helped The Downs Syndrome Association.