Wednesday, 20 July 2011


A few images of creations from this Summer's exhibitions, creative play and workshops.

Igo Eco Arts Saturday Workshops

bottle top mural

under the sea
recycled fabric and materials

lighthouse and seaside
acrylic painting on driftwood and recycled wood

Chalk pastel birds
inspired by Patty Palmer

clay green men

Eco Art Workshop at a local school

preparing those bottle tops

bottle top mural

sprouting seed pizza box garden

sprouting seed gardens

zen doodle recycled flags
inspired by Tibetan prayer flags

didgeridoo and rainsticks recycled from fabric tubes
inspired by Aboriginal paintings

Arts Week May 2011

 Glastonbury candle making in the Green Crafts Field with Angel Gardens

Angel Gardens

Festival Creative Play

story and crafts in a Bell Tent
sand play
hooping and circus skills
Parky Graffiti Ganesh
singing with Katy 'I Can Cook' Ashworth in Angel Gardens

Oscar on bass

Louis on Ukelele

Louis on a unicycle


and home to Garden Art

came home to this

feathery leaved carrots
purple kale
rainbow chard
amethyst beans
giant beetroots