Monday, 18 March 2013

How to create Wild Women Art? Instagram #wildwomen

Here are the new paintings in progress based on animals and nature and linked to the month's of the year.

Do you have an affinity with a particular animal? 
A creature from your childhood? 
A bird, insect or mammal that appears when you are alone with nature?  

Timid Miss March with hare features.

What characteristics do these totem animals hold? 
What messages do they bring?

 They don't always emerge all at once.  I glimpse the nose or ears and as they grow confident they appear.

Miss February, Hedghog with ivy and berries.
As the year turns these Wild Women appear in the most extraordinary ways.

Miss January, Wolf, a new year, pregnant with possibilities.
To make your own wild woman...

Take a moment in nature to ponder these questions.

Which animal totem speaks to you?

What features do you notice first?  
Go with those.

Start your drawing focusing on those areas.

What plants and foliage are your favourites?

How can you include these? As a tattoo, garland, jewellery.

If there is something you struggle drawing don't include it (notice above... gloved or no hands!)

or recycle magazine images or study the images you want to include.

I'd love to see what your create. Please share your creations on Instagram #wildwomen.

P.S. Tuesday - Just found this VISUAL QUEST by artist and writer Pixie Campbell

It sounds an amazing way to develop creative processes linked to animal totems. 

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