Thursday, 1 November 2012

Plein Air Painting with Steve Pleydell-Pearce

Home after a family break along the beautiful North Devon coastline where I was lucky enough to spend a whole day painting with Woolacombe artist Steve PP.

Kirk discovered Steve's paintings years ago when he used to surf a lot in Devon and we started buying each other his amazing art work for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries.

Steve's artwork is so amazing. Check his website out.

Steve also worked as an animator on Dangermouse! He is a real character who reads the weather by looking at the clouds, surfs and plays ukelele.

If you are ever in Woolacombe you might even be lucky enough to see him painting near his surf van or see his artwork in a gallery.

You can read about our plein air painting day at Barrican Beach here at Steve's blog.

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