Saturday, 12 November 2011

Famous artists inspiring children to use watercolour

 At our Saturday art club the children are hooked on watercolour painting.  This is how it started...

Once upon a time there was a beautiful book.

Any child that opened the book and looked inside fell under the spell of artist Jackie Morris, who cast her magical brush across its pages to craft The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems

The children of the art club were now forever hungry to view art from inspiring artists.

                             3D art


The new term began and Deep Space Sparkle came to the rescue.
 portraits from Deep Space Sparkle
The bright watercolours, bold outlines and mesmerizing eyes hypnotised the screen's viewer.  

This could be it!
A solution to the spell may be the following ingredients...

3d art + watercolour = James Rizzi
We began straight away by producing our own Rizzi portraits.

Then drew cityscapes using the image below for inspiration.

Over this term the children are creating their own 3D version of Picture This (below), 
using their own portraits and buildings.

This is definitely not, the end!


  1. Wonderful. It is always interesting to see where my work travels to. So glad the children like the Classic Poems. Do show them the Cat and the Fiddle too! And have they seen my van? Covered with dragons.

  2. Jackie we'll post some photos of their artwork very soon. I had a look, wow, your van and yurt are amazing. Will share with them. Thought about decorating the outside of our camper van but have a great big graffiti Ganesh on the festival van. x

  3. Great post Lisa. I'll need to pick up jackie's book. Looks amazing!

  4. It looks great Lisa , must be a wonderful feeling, seeing what the kids come up with after you've filled them with inspiration. Oh and now I'm doubly jealous of you and your bell tent and Jackie with her Yurt! x