Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Summer Festival Fun

We are so excited about the summer Festival season!

Since Kirk was ill, we decided we wanted to make changes and travelling more is one of those.  But with three boys, school and jobs to juggle, a house to keep and animals to look after, it all seemed an impossible dream.

Then, Kirk was made redundant so we decided to grab the opportunity to set up our business and so our dream has taken off.  We now combine a mix of teaching, fighting fires, painting, consulting, storytelling, rescuing, pottering, advising and creating.

After reading many blogs about families living their dreams and connecting with likeminded souls, we have finally found our own eclectic, authentic way there. 

We will be at the festivals below this summer and we're also really very excited that we'll be linking up with Angel Sam at Angel Gardens too.  Click the links below to see some of the places we are going! 

Please come and say hi, if you are at any of these festivals, as we would love to see you there.